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Merry Christmas


Goodfellas Christmas lunch

Goodfellas Christmas lunch at the Cricket Club. A strictly family affair.

Friends from Japan.

A surprise visit from an old friend and colleague, Kawashima (aka Funky). Standing third from left,  Funky was a Senior Account Director at DY&R in the 80s and 90s. He is a real gentleman and a true blue sportsman.


An old friend dropped in to say hello

A visit from Worldwidepartners inc

Representatives from Asahi Advertising and MakkiMakki.

January Babies

House: Tribute to our longest serving intern

Vincent Lau, aka Zachariah was our longest serving intern. He joined us in May 2012 and left for a short break in October, returning in November for a couple of weeks prior to enlisting for national service. A hard working and easy going creative who day dreams of becoming a commando, he finally gets to realise his dream today, the 14th of December – his first day in commando training. We wish him all the best, and if his attitude at work is anything to go by, we’re sure he’ll make a good soldier too.

New Home

Our new home, designed to feel like our last one. Sadly we couldn’t bring our mascot along.

House: We’re Moving

Not quite there but close to the sea anyway. Beach Rd will be our new home.

Meet our mascot.

This is Tania, our company mascot. Always eager to bring a smile.

January Babies


Lunch treat courtesy of Mrs Patricia Low who’s behind the camera.