Some kind words from the past

Mike Miller - Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional

Director/DP’s don’t usually write recommendations for the people who hire them. It’s usually the other way around. However this is a special circumstance. Because Patrick Low is special. He is one of the greatest creative talents that I have had the honor and pleasure to work with. If I was a client I would want Patrick doing my work. He is a rare combination of astute business and marketing sense with creativity to execute the marketing and creative strategies at the very highest levels. Creatively as well as successfully in the market place. As for me as a supplier… one could not ask for a better client and creative to work with. Not only are his ideas great and fun to work on. He has the confidence and the wisdom to choose the right people in the first place and then trust his instincts and the abilities of his choice. Encouraging creative freedom that promotes input and development of the idea to maximize execution. The whole time never taking his eye of the final objective and giving gentle redirection when required to keep everything on course. It has been an honor and a delight to work with Pat, every time. And an honor and a delight to call him ‘friend’.